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Kamageo & Mauritius part company

Just 6 months into their new partnership, MTPA and Kamageo have confirmed that they will not be working together beyond April 2020.


MTPA’s previous UK agency - Hills Balfour - was in place for over 9 years, gaining a wealth of experience in the process, but as Tim Henshall, Kamageo’s Chief Executive openly admits, “We simply weren’t able to achieve the same level in a much shorter time which proved crucial”.


Henshall added that, “We were honoured to have been chosen to work on such a prestigious account. It’s an incredible destination, but MTPA needs something different to what we offer. We joined at a time when their tourism numbers were on a slide, which we have helped to arrest. We wish them every success for the future”.


Highlights in the period have included a busy WTM (despite the show itself having a poor performance); numerous successful media trips; a return to UK consumer travel shows (Destinations and the National Wedding Show); recruiting ‘Made in Chelsea’ to film episodes on the island, a nationwide romantic proposals radio promotion, fifteen joint marketing campaigns and the launch of the new “Honey & The Moon” concept to the trade. 


Henshall has emphasised that Kamageo will be more than willing to provide essential guidance and advice to their successors, whilst they plan to refocus back on mainland Africa where they currently work with Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Eswatini, The Gambia, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

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