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Dessie Mahase

Personal Assistant (to Chief Executive)


Desiree (or Dessie for short) joined the Kamageo team in 2016 but her early life was a youngster, she joined a 

travelling circus that toured Italy for 18 months. Here, resplendent in sparkly frock, Dessie earned her living dancing on the back of an elephant, as well as looking after the giraffe, a white rhino and a very amorous Ostrich! Yes, really. Dessie grew to love her elephant and has a life long passion for all wildlife. She is fascinated by Africa and is constantly reading about its delights.

At Kamageo, Dessie is personal assistant to the Chief Executive, although she still manages our various databases, provides market analysis and keeps us up to date regarding who is offering what, media coverage and even consumer attitudes to African destinations.

Favourite Animal : Elephant
Favourite Bird : Secretary Bird (long legs and eyelashes to die for!)
Best Wildlife Encounter : Sleeping alongside my elephant!
Best Community Experience : Yet to happen.

Most recent Africa trips : Yet to happen, but I can't help dreaming!
Most wants to see : Too many to name..I want to see them ALL!
Most wants to visit : Congo, Okavango Delta and since Tim came back from there, Sierra Leone!

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