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Within hours of their release, Kamageo has been inundated with confirmed interest in educational trips to West Africa's Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

With all ground costs covered by the respective tourist boards and with Kamageo working closely with Brussels Airlines, the costs for these exploratory trade trips have been kept to an absolute minimum.

But Kamageo's Chief Executive, Tim Henshall does not feel that it is the lack of cost that has attracted such huge interest. "West Africa is set for a major tourism boom from the UK, given the region's authentic and inspiring attractions and activities. So UK tour operators recognise that now is the time to 'recce' the destinations and develop itineraries". 


Both countries are right for tailor-made and scheduled group tours, even though their tourism infrastructures are at different stages of development. The trips were advertised on Kamageo's website and via trade emailers. They were both over subscribed within hours of release.

Mandy Henshall, Resources Director at Kamageo added, "We will organise fams and media trips for over 150 people this year, but quality not quantity counts...which applies to both the participants and the trips!"

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