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Kamageo has been tasked by The Gambia Tourism Board with promoting their destination within the UK, via a number of marketing activities planned for the latter part of 2019.


The Gambia’s Tourism Destination Manager for the UK, Malick Jeng explained that the country is keen to maximize its existing image as a short haul, affordable, yet exotic beach destination, whilst also seeking to increase visitors attracted by The Gambia’s vibrant culture and wildlife. 


It's known as ‘the smiling coast of Africa’, and when you meet the locals, it's instantly clear why. World Bank tourism data suggests that The Gambia enjoyed 161,000 visitors in 2016 with up to 50% of these being UK holidaymakers on package tours. It’s also estimated that a huge 44% are repeat visitors.


Kamageo’s Chief Executive, Tim Henshall added “Tourism to West Africa is set to be a major new trend, due to its wealth of high quality and authentic experiences. The Gambia already has an excellent tourism infrastructure, so it's a destination just waiting to be explored. For some travellers it will be an affordable winter beach holiday with guaranteed sunshine, whilst for others it will be a cultural feast or a treat for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.”


With almost 600 recorded species and highly knowledgeable guides, the potential to attract birding enthusiasts is obvious, but the country’s primates and safari game are surprisingly less well known. The Gambia’s welcoming people, markets, rural villages and festivals are also huge tourism assets, so whilst ‘tailor-made’ activity holidays to The Gambia are few and far between at present, the potential is huge.


“We are anticipating significant interest from both the trade and media”, added Kamageo’s Rich Whiston, who will be running the account. For more information, please contact or call 01664 823750

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