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Kamageo is releasing an eye-catching new African Kat into the UK.

Instead of being a fearsome feline, KAT (the acronym for Kamageo African Training) is an innovative new training website to provide the travel trade with comprehensive educational programmes for each of their African destinations. 


In the past three years alone, Kamageo has providing training to 1500+ travel professionals, but wants to dramatically increase that figure. Kamageo has invested in researching travel agents and tour operators to understand what they want from training.


Kamageo’s Head of Trade Marketing, Nadia Alam, explained, “We have successfully utilised other marketing-leading online trainings modules, but we felt restricted in terms of content updates, being able to afford extended activity periods and controlling the promotion of the programmes amongst our key target audiences. So, we’re committed to developing a solution for ourselves”.


The new initiative will allow participants to complete basic, intermediate and advanced levels of product knowledge in each destination, along with links to comprehensive trade resources, as well as key updates and product developments. 


Once launched, it is understood that will benefit from a significant trade advertising campaign to ensure travel agents and tour operators are aware of its existence. 


In due course, Kamageo will develop training content for Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Eswatini, Sierra Leone, Senegal and The Gambia. When asked if Kamili will provide the trade with training on non-Kamageo clients, Tourism Director Kelly White replied, “This remains an exclusive opportunity for our clients, but if it encourages other destinations to join our portfolio, then so be it!”

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