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Annette Bitarakwate

Marketing Manager (Designate)

Prior to joining Kamageo in November 2019, Annette served as Marketing Executive at Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) for over 9 years, so her knowledge of the industry in 'the pearl of Africa' is as extensive as it is valuable!


Having worked on the 'other side of the fence' with Kamageo, coordinating fam trips, educational, events and countless other projects, Annette is only too aware of the role she will be fulfilling on our behalf. 


Annette has string of relevant qualifications -  a Certificate in Tourism Management, from China's Ministry of Commerce (2017), a Certificate in Tourism Management and Destination Marketing (completed in Singapore in 2016); a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management (Uganda Management Institute 2012 – 2013) and a Bachelors Degree in Tourism from Makerere University Kampala (1999-2003).

Favourite Animal : Mountain Gorilla (of course)
Favourite Bird : Crowned Crane, the national bird of Uganda.
Best Wildlife Encounter : tbc
Best Cultural Experience :  tbc
Most wants to see : Cheetah

African countries visited : Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa
Most wants to visit Zambia (to compare its wildlife with Uganda!

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