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Uganda extends Kamageo’s role as UK agency


After three successful years of increasing the profile and visitors numbers to Uganda, Kamageo has been rewarded with a new contract as Market Representation Agency for Uganda Tourism Board.


Kamageo’s role has been three-fold – to increase trade activity (which has seen the number of UK Africa specialists selling Uganda double in just three years), to deliver high-levels of PR coverage (close to £10m over the period) and to increase UK visitor numbers, which are up again by more than 20% in 2019.


Lilly Ajarova, Chief Executive at UTB  explained, “Kamageo has delivered consistent results and we have the right partners to lead us into the next stage of Uganda’s tourism expansion. We look forward to welcoming more UK visitors than ever before”.


Kamageo’s Head of Trade Marketing, Nadia Alam stated that, “The UK trade has changed its stance on Uganda. It is now viewed as a far more important destination within operators’ product offering”.


Kamageo’s Head of Consumer Marketing, Rich Whiston added, “In early 2020, we will be putting a sizeable budget behind an eye-catching ad campaign which we are confident will significantly raise enquiries for Uganda. Ours is a highly targeted and emotive campaign, rather than generic awareness, so we will not be appearing on football shirt sleeves, any time soon”.

The final word (and some might say 'as per usual') goes to Kamageo's Chief Executive, Tim Henshall. "I first visited Uganda in 1999 and it's been my favourite place on the planet, ever since. It's a privilege to be tasked with encouraging more Brits to visit this most incredible of destinations".

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