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Modern travellers are saying that they want far more from their Africa trips than just wildlife encounters.

Phrases like "meeting with locals”, "embracing different cultures" and "experiencing something new and vibrant" are being heard more and more often… and these are the real strengths of West Africa’s tourism offering.


Many UK travel professionals are predicting a major growth in tourism to West Africa.

But do UK Africa specialists know West Africa well enough to start selling it? Do they understand what’s on offer in various different countries and how to go about sourcing it?


Sadly, WTM is no longer an effective option for newer destinations to engage with the UK trade

Lower attendance numbers and reduced time at the show mean UK buyers are less interested to meet new destinations. They need to be lured by a dedicated event.



This dedicated event will attract 30+ buyers, there purely for West African product. This is an event that allows countries to showcase their attractions with pre-booked appointments and scheduled presentations with relevant, interested buyers. Fam trips will be on offer, of course. Invites will also be sent to top travel writers, influencers and content producers as media presentations and media trips will be made available on the day. Kamageo has an excellent track record for inspiring the UK’s top travel writers and social media influencers to visit our destinations, resulting in extensive free exposure.

Go West provides tourist boards with a superb venue, the right environment and the correct audience to talk real business.

For an all inclusive price of £9,150*, which includes :

  • Central London Venue (95 Queens Gate, Kensington SW7)

  • Trade Presentations

  • Trade Meetings : pre-booked and spontaneous

  • Media Presentations

  • Media Meetings : pre-booked and spontaneous

  • Media Packs

  • 5m x 4m space, including branding, decor and furniture

  • Authentic West African hospitality and catering

(*Must be paid by 5th October, but if before 5th July, rate drops to £8,650)  (Destination Guide – design, copy and print £4,500 extra, tbd) 



Kamageo launches ‘Go West’ - a dedicated West Africa trade event.


After gauging interest levels amongst UK Africa specialist tour operators, Kamageo will be hosting a one-off trade event for West African destinations to showcase their offering to the UK trade and the media. 


Modern travellers are increasingly stating that they want far more from their Africa trips than just wildlife encounters, with phrases like "meeting with locals”, "embracing different cultures" and "experiencing something new and vibrant" heard more and more often...and that's not just from the young and/or adventurous. Ironically, those aspects are some of the strengths of West and Central Africa (with surprising levels of wildlife to see, too), and many travel professionals are predicting a significant growth in tourism to these less visited destinations. Whilst it may be some time (if ever) before they offer you the same volume opportunities as East and Southern Africa, the potential for you to increase business is clearly there. 



This new, one-day trade and media event will take place on Thursday 5th November (straight after WTM London) in Central London. As well as individual country zones, there will also be interactive presentations about individual destinations.


Whilst the event will provide the option to pre-book appointments and scheduled presentations, buyers will also be free to come and go as they please. A comprehensive fam trip programme will also be launched.


Kamageo’s Events Director, Mandy Henshall explained, “WTM has not been the right environment for lesser known destinations to effectively launch into the UK market, due to the dramatic reduction in UK buyer attendance. We anticipate 4-5 destinations participating in this focused event”.


Head of Trade, Nadia Alam expanded, “We’ve seen a really encouraging response from the trade, specifically saying that they’d attend, knowing that this is about new or less visited destinations”.


Kamageo will be recruiting tourist boards (plus relevant reputable DMCs and high-end properties) to be a part of this event, with details available via

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