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Friday 19th July 2019 saw Kamageo host an exclusive event at The Odeon, Leicester Square with a private premiere of Disney's much talked about CGI movie, 'The Lion King'. Lucky attendees included UK Africa specialist tour operators, travel writers from the media and a number of dignitaries from various African nations. 


Guests of Honour : 

His Excellency, Ambassador Col Rtd Katsande (from Zimbabwe Embassy, London) and Mrs Rita Likukuma - Acting Chief of Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. Other VIPs and dignitaries included senior representatives of Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, The Gambia and Sierra Leone in the UK.

Whilst some critics have been less than glowing in their reviews, we are delighted to confirm that the film received a huge thumbs up from our audience, with some stating how difficult it was at times to tell whether the action was real, or CGI. With animal species from across Africa and settings to match, its impossible to say where The Lion King is set, so we prefer to think of it as a pan-sub-Saharan African adventure and trust that it will increase consumer interest in travelling to this most engaging of destinations.

The storyline of the movie is similar to that of world’s most famous lion, Cecil,  killed in Zimbabwe four years ago. One of his many cubs is now old enough to stake a claim for his own pride.  This also has echoes of Zimbabwe's return to the fold, ready to reclaim its rightful place at the top of the Safari tree. See the amazing trailer here>>>

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