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JUNE 2018  

Uganda / Amazing new 2-minute destination video launched. 
Directed by Kamageo’s Rich Whiston, the film>>> captures the beauty of the landscapes, the amazing activities, the wonderful wildlife and the warmth of Ugandan people. The theme expands on the 2016 "Your Uganda" campaign, which emphasises that visitors can do and see whatever they choose from the many options on offer - from mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, to birding, adventure, watersports and culture. In this newest work, local Ugandans proudly show off the aspect of the country that they love best, announcing "This is my Uganda!".

The video is freely available to download here>>> and Kamageo is even offering to re-brand the video for a limited number of key UK tour operators, at no extra cost, incorporating their logos and contact details. Interested parties should contact Uganda Country Manager, Becca Kerry ( for more information.


Rich Whiston explained, “Originally we'd anticipated producing a short memento of our trip, but after seeing the first edit, it was clear we had something far bigger and better than that. I defy anyone to watch the finished versions and not want to be transported immediately to Uganda!” A 20-minute short documentary will also be available soon. 

Zambia : Good Morning Britain - live from Victoria Falls

With the help of Kamageo, the most watched breakfast show on UK television broadcast live from Zambia's Victoria Falls on Monday 25th June. Presenter, Andi Peters chose Zambia as the destination he'd most like to visit on the planet and he was seen broadcasting live in front of the iconic waterfalls at 06h58 and again at 08h15 BST. When the programming switched to popular chatshow, "Lorraine", ITV again cut back to Andi live from Zambia at 08h57. Click to register and see the footage on the ITV player. Zambia will appear over 80 times across the next 10 days on these two programmes plus the midmorning show, "Loose Women".  See footage here>>>

Malawi : New video highlights how great the destination is for families.

Award-winning bloggers, Mini-Travellers ( visited Malawi to produce the first in a series of  themed videos - "Is this destination good for families with young children?" The entertaining and informative short film captures the true essence of the family's trip - parents Karen and Matt Beddow took along Lily (7), Isobel (6) and Eve (6) and a great time was had by all.  PR & Tourism Director, Kelly White stated, "This film beautifully illustrates just how wonderful Malawi is, especially for families. The warmth of the local people really comes through".  See it here>>>

Uganda / New image library released for UK operator use. COMING SOON

Following a visit to five of Uganda's ten national parks, Kamageo is releasing an image bank of wildlife, scenery and people pictures for free usage by tour operators when promoting Uganda.For more information, please contact Uganda country manager, Becca Kerry via

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