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Whilst TANTOO (Tanzania Tourism Organisation) which was launched in mid-2018, is a private sector initiative and not a national tourist board account, it has been perceived by Uganda Tourism Board to be directly competitive to their work in the UK. Whilst obviously disappointed, Kamageo has been working for UTB since 2016 and has therefore accepted this decision. As a result, TANTOO will cease operations later this year.

Kamageo's Chief Executive, Tim Henshall commented, " As a tourism marketing agency that works exclusively for African destinations, it's inevitable that there may appear to be client conflicts from time to time. We don't want to coax visitors to one African country away from another. Instead, we want to increase tourism to the continent as a whole, competing with the Americas, Asia or any other part of the globe."   


In the longer term, Henshall predicts African destinations will work closer together to market their regions. Kamageo will see out the 12 months contracted to the membership of TANTOO, but will not be extending. "We were starting to build some momentum, but the need for Tanzania to market itself within the UK is as evident as ever".


A comprehensive report, featuring the amazing quality and volume of work produced for TANTOO will be published later this year, to serve as a case study for what is achievable by a private sector marketing group when they work with Kamageo.

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