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Kelly White

Tourism Director


Kelly has been called "Mr.Malawi" by the trade, such is his product knowledge and passion for that particular country...and that's been repeated for Swaziland. Having first visited Africa in 1997, he's been passionate about the continent, visiting all of Southern Africa (bar Lesotho...but any day now!) Kelly was deservedly nominated for his "Outstanding Personal Contribution to Tourism" at the 2015 Safari Awards, in recognition of his approach to work and the services he provides to the travel trade, media and general public.

In the travel trade for too many years to admit, Kelly has a keen eye on developments within the industry and as assisted a number of African destinations to formulate strategies to increase tourism.


Kelly's other passion is for his family - along with wife, Donna, he has two delightful daughters aged 9 and 11.

Favourite Animal : Elephant
Favourite Bird : African fish eagle
Best Wildlife Encounter : Rhino tracking on foot in Swaziland's Mkhaya Reserve
Best Cultural Experience : Village visit in north Malawi

Most recent Africa trip : Swaziland - as wonderful as ever
Most wants to see : African Wild dog
Most wants to visit : Niassa Reserve, Mozambique

Degree : BSc Hons in Geography 

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