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Marketing Strategy & Guidance 


Whether you have existing analysis and data or not, we are able to use our extensive knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently appraise current perceptions of your destination amongst key target groups : travel professionals, journalists and the general public.

Because Kamageo focuses exclusively on Africa, our team has existing knowledge of most African destinations and often we have first-hand experience of its major tourist attractions, national parks and even properties. But that does mean we'd just rely on what we knew already....we'd be quick to look at available data or if not, we look at ways to increase that knowledge base.

We are able to define your key attractions, whilst appraising your current product offering in terms of tourist activities, accommodation standards and general logistics etc.


We'll identify potential target markets for existing and future tourism products; develop marketing strategies and propose marketing plans for implementation.

Kamageo Marifa Report


Using the comprehensive and exclusive Kamageo Marifa Report (produced February, each year) we are able to advise you regarding which UK tour operators are using your destination (so you can target similar operators); what media coverage has been dedicated to you over the previous 12 months; and where your destination stands in the mind's of UK travellers.


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