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Many Zimbabweans recall the excitement and enthusiasm felt when this initiative was launched at the Zimbabwe High Commission, back in March. Kamageo was all set to launch an exciting marketing campaign in the UK from July 2019, backed by ZTA and funded by members of ZIMTO (the private sector).

Sadly it seems there have been a few false rumours circulating (generated from outside) and these have caused many of you to question the validity the project.  Contrary to rumour, ZIMTO does have the full backing of the Honourable Minister of Tourism, the Acting CEO of ZTA and the Ambassador in the UK. In fact, all three hope to attend the Lion King screening!

So we've extended our deadline for membership until Friday 31st May to get things started. If sufficient funds are not available, it seems the lion may not be roaring so loudly, after all....and the saboteurs will have had there way.

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