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Emma Gregg – Award winning Freelance Journalist

“Trips with Kamageo are always smooth. I rarely join group trips because I like to really focus on the destination and sometimes group dynamics can be a distraction. But this one was great, so thank you again.”

Sue Watt – Award winning Freelance Journalist

“I can always rely on Kamageo for any information I need regarding Africa, and bringing me the latest news, trip ideas and inspiration to pitch to editors".

Lyn Hughes – Wanderlust Magazine

“We have used many freelance journalists that have been on trips with Kamageo and they have always provided us with great editorial ideas that are just perfect for our readers”. 

Craig Rix - Travel Africa

"We can't recommend Kamageo enough. You are passionate about Africa and consistently deliver us new and innovative editorial ideas. Kamageo plays a part in every edition of our magazine."

Petra Shepherd – Huffington Post and Freelancer

“Fantastic ideas and itineraries! You look after us all so well and thanks for being so patient, calm and organised.”

Mike Unwin – Award winning Freelance Journalist

“My trips with Kamageo are always superb, every detail is considered. Kamageo is so professional.”

Sarah Marshall - Press Association

"Kamageo has supplied me with some fabulous ideas and I've benefited from some amazing trips which are just perfect for my audiences".

Mark Eveleigh – Award winning Freelance Journalist

“Absolutely delighted with the trip Kamageo arranged for me. I sourced all the material I was hoping for and more!”

Mark Stratton – Award winning Freelance Journalist

“Thanks Kamageo for even more great Africa ideas. I know I can count on you!”

Laura Griffith-Jones – Editor of Travel Africa

“It's great working with Kamageo as you really understand Africa and give us so many good ideas to use.”

Tamara Hinson – Freelance Journalist

“I loved everything on this Kamageo trip and had such an amazing time. I know it will make a great editorial piece"


Meera Dettani – Freelance Journalist

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Karl Cushing – Freelance Journalist

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Nick Redmayne– Freelance Journalist

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Malcom Tattersall– Freelance Journalist

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Rupert Parker – Freelance Journalist

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Amanda Canning – Lonely Planet Magazine

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Jo Austin - Selling Travel & Freelance Journalist 

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Ben West, Graeme Green, Andrew Purvis, Lisa Grainger, Chris Haslam, Michelle Jana Chan, Brian Jackman

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