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Nadia Alam

Trade Manager

Nadia joined the Kamageo team in 2018, bringing with her over 7 years of excellent tourism experience. This has included working for one of the UK's leading tour operators (Audley Travel), a premier travel agency (Virgin Holidays) and was general manager for a lodge group in Uganda for three years. With middle-Eastern roots, Nadia speaks good Arabic and she has travelled independently to numerous middle-Eastern countries as well as throughout Europe and the States. During her years in East Africa, she explored the area and it is this first-hand knowledge that we immediately put to great use. Within  four months of joining the team, Nadia was promoted to Trade Manager, heading up our trade marketing team.

Nadia ticks all the boxes. She is well educated, has an insider's knowledge of the travel industry and is a proven marketer. When you add in her three years experience of Uganda tourism, she is a natural for Kamageo!

Favourite Animal : Hippos (the sounds of them at night sends me floating off to sleep)
Favourite Bird : Shoebill stork...and delighted to say I've seen one in Mbamba swamps near Entebbe.
Best Wildlife Encounter : Coming face to face with a silverback Mountain gorillas in Bwindi

Most recent African trip : I'm a regular visitor to Uganda (as I have family there) and recently visited Northern Tanzania.
Most wants to see : A cheetah on the hunt
Most wants to visit : I like everything i hear about Zambia, but West Africa is appealing too.

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