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Kamageo creates new global campaign for Senegal


Africa tourism marketing agency Kamageo has created a new UK campaign for Senegal tourism, which is now to be adopted worldwide. 


“Sensational Senegal” which might at first appear to be a simple case of alliteration, in reality refers to the fact that the destination provides an amazing sensory experience for the traveller to enjoy. Amongst many other examples, it’s the the vibrant sounds of music, the eye-opening sights of pink lakes and photogenic tribes, the familiar smells of incense and spices, the ancient feel of stone structures and the mouth-watering taste of tasty local cuisine, Senegal has so many unique sensual experiences to discover.


Kamageo’s Chief Executive Tim Henshall explained “Like most people, I previously thought of Senegal as purely a french-speaking winter sun destination, but I defy anyone who hears about Senegal’s wealth of other attractions, not want to instantly pack a bag to visit the country. For me, its french-speaking locals only add to Senegal’s air of sophistication.”


Kamageo is currently finalising media and trade fam trips to the country for early 2020.

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