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Michaela Guzy's Award-winning documentary film UK premieres in London's Leicester Square.

On Tuesday 6th November, an award-winning documentary film about Sierra Leone, was given its UK premiere at Vue Cinema on London's famous Leicester Square.


Back in February 2019, Dr Jane Goodall visited Sierra Leone, meeting with Dr. Memunata Pratt (Sierra Leone's hugely charismatic Minister for Tourism), casting an international spotlight on the country’s Western Chimpanzee, mankind’s closest relative.  Dr. Goodall’s three-day visit was celebrated with two major announcements: first, the declaration of the Western Chimpanzee as the national animal of Sierra Leone, and second, that the country will adopt a more open stance to tourism. On September 5th, Sierra Leone announced more than 150 countries will receive Visas-on-Arrival, a landmark policy change. 


Popular US Filmmaker-journalist Michaela Guzy captured these important moments in the country’s history through the release of a documentary film, which has since won a top award at World Wildlife Film Festival in New York. 

With an audience of travel writers, tour operators and diaspora the film was hugely well received and was followed by an informative Q&A session with Michaela and Dr.Pratt entertaining attendees with more on developments within Sierra Leone's tourism sector.


Watch the movie trailer here :

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Watch the movie trailer by clicking the image or click here :

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