A vibrant and unique pot pourri of culture.

Few places compare to Mauritius for its dynamic, authentic and incredibly diverse experiencesthat enable you to really immerse yourself into the island's rich cultural heritage. It is a vibrant and varied pot pourri of styles, boasting religious diversity, with a vast array of stunning temples, colourful events and vibrant festivals, with influences apparent from Africa, Asia and India. Sega is the famous musical genre that has been uniquely created by Mauritians, with its roots lying with the music of former slaves, brought to the island from Africa. This explains why Sega is usually sung in creole and is often accompanied by traditional instruments such as the ravanne (a large tambourine), the maravane (made of thin reeds filled with seeds and shaken) and the bobre (a musical bow). The colourful and uplifting Sega dancing may be the island's best known, but equally popular amongst local inhabitants are dragon dances from China and Bharata Natyam from Southern India, reflecting regional influences on the country.

Holi Festival - The Festival of Lights / Photo credit: Sun Resorts

One of the best ways to experience any country’s culture is through its food – but especially when the fusion of cuisines is as vibrant as Mauritius. The island is not only known for its traditional street food scene, but also for its fine dining. Chinese, Asians, Africans and the French have all bought with them the authentic flavours and cooking styles of their homelands. Many hotels on the island provide entertaining cookery course for their guests and the plethora of high quality local restaurants pay testament to the fact that the taste of Mauritian food is a cultural experience in itself, as well as a culinary delight! For the culture seeker, Mauritius makes for the perfect destination.