Ben Fogle's 'Survival of the Species' films an episode in Uganda.

Adventurer and presenter Ben Fogle, is currently filming a new 10-part TV series,  'Survival of the Species' for the Discovery Channel. His team is travelling the length and breadth of Africa and has just finished filming in Uganda.

Across the series, Ben will meet with the men and women on the front line of the ‘Blood War’, who put their lives on the line to save wildlife. It highlights how the anti-poaching units are underpaid and often ill-equipped compared with the poachers.

Joining the Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA) for the day he saw for himself the thousands of snares and traps found by UWA that are used by poachers to kill animals for their meat and ivory. The series will highlight the impact of mining, logging, habitat loss, poverty, terrorism, population growth, hunting, over fishing and plastics. The programmes point to where we could be heading, as well as potential solutions. It also celebrates the heroes of conservation and environmentalism. Ben also discusses the conflict between the chimpanzee and human populations, whilst trekking to see the chimps for himself.

This fascinating series is due to be aired later this year, so why not have some pre-prepared Uganda itineraries to capture the resultant increase in interest for Uganda?

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