Eco-friendly lodge in Zambia's Kafue

Kafue National Park’s is renowned for its’ exclusivity combined with excellent game viewing. As you explore, it truly feels like you have the national park to yourself and now you can experience this vast wilderness with the peace of mind of being kind to the environment! Ila Safari Lodge in Kafue National Park, Zambia is the latest property to join the Zambia Marketing Group (ZMG). Renowned for its eco-friendly practices and community development projects, Ila Safari Lodge is setting the standard for sustainable tourism in Zambia - and they certainly practice what they preach, having been awarded the Best Eco-Lodge in 2016.

A variety of practices are put into place at the lodge for example their very own ‘eLandy,’the lodge are proud owners of Zambia's very first electric Land Rover and thanks to the lack of engine noise, guests are able to get far closer to Kafue's diverse game.

They also have an ‘eBoat’ where guests can experience the tranquility of the Kafue river on a morning or sunset cruise. Again, the reduction in engine noise allows for outstanding photo opportunities of wildlife along the river. Located at the Kafue National Park entrance, guests are encouraged to visit the Ila Community Farm, where fresh, high-quality produce is grown and sold to travellers and other properties in the area.

On top of this, Ila Safari Lodge offers the very best in luxury wilderness living with 10 state-of-the-art suites, each with its own private decking overlooking the mighty Kafue River.

The lodge is owned by Green Safaris whose mission is to "design and operate our camps in the most sustainable way and actively involve the local communities, every camp has a special story to tell and is part of an important eco system." The team shares four core values: ecologically sensitive and driven to find lower impact ways of operating through conservation and harnessing ‘green’ technology; exceeding customer expectations through generating unique experiences for them; promoting what is great about each location; and developing people wherever they operate. To find out more about Ila lodge please click here.

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