Five reasons to start your UK tourism marketing this January.

At Kamageo, we are African destination marketing experts, representing Uganda, Mauritius, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Senegal and Eswatini in the UK. We engage with the UK’s 200+ Africa specialist tour operators; we work closely the UK’s online and traditional media via PR; and we inspire consumers to travel to your country via advertising, social media and events.   So here are just 5 reasons to start your UK marketing this month >>>

1. Trade Educational 'fam' trips January is the time of the year when specialist tour operators are planning their fam trip calendar for the entire year. You need to be on that schedule, to ensure you get the best operators, with the potential to deliver bookings this year.Kamageo has the most comprehensive programme of Africa fam trips in the industry. We can help ensure you attract the right people from the right companies to experience the tourism attractions of your destination. Our exclusive trade magazine goes to print in February, too.

2. Media Events & Media Trips January and February are the months when travel writers, journalists, content creators and influencers meet to hear vibrant and exciting new ideas that will turn into editorial coverage throughout 2020. Miss out and it could be another 12 months before you have as good an opportunity. As well as attending IMM, the largest event of its type, Kamageo also hosts the exclusive Africa Media Show which attracts an audience of high quality journalists. Barely a week goes by without a journalist visiting Africa with Kamageo.

3. Consumer Events Late January, February and into March sees a number of key travel shows taking place in the UK. These provide a cost-effective way of engaging with consumers, encouraging bookings and gaining insight into what appeals most about your destination.Kamageo exhibits at many of the UK’s top travel related events – from Adventure Travel Show, Destinations, Holiday World and The Wedding Show. We coordinate space, décor and promotional materials. Our knowledgeable staff even man the stands.

4. Consumer Advertising January and February see a huge peak in holidays bookings by UK travellers. Thoughts turn to escaping our dreary weather and dark nights, heading for a luxury holiday overseas. So its the perfect time to be putting your destination in front of would-be visitors. Kamageo produces marketing that inspires UK travellers, whether that be via social media (inc. sponsored activity), digital marketing campaigns or traditional print or TV advertising. We've won industry  awards for creativity, strategy and effectiveness.

5. Market Data

Knowing who does and doesn’t sell your destination; understanding consumer awareness and attitudes towards your country; and measuring the levels of media exposure you are getting are all KPIs to help you market yourselves effectively in the UK.Every January (since 2016), Kamageo has compiled the Marifa Report, an exclusive and comprehensive ‘window in time’ analysis of the UK market (trade, media and consumer). Simply ask us to include your destination and we will provide the results.