Hook your clients into Uganda

Uganda offers exceptional fishing - with one third of the country covered by water and 350+ fish species, it's no surprise that this destination is one of the most memorable in Africa for this popular sport. With numerous wetlands and lakes, many sought-after species are just waiting to be caught!

Licensed sport fishing venues in Uganda includes Sipi Falls, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo and Lake Victoria. Fishing trips across Uganda are suitable for all levels - from novices and hobby enthusiasts to the more serious angler. All fishing ideally requires a guide and expert assistance to ensure safety and the best opportunities for success. All fishing is conducted with conservation in mind, applying 'catch and release' rules.

Murchison Falls - Pure Exhilaration

This national park offers one of the best spots for sport fishing in the whole of East Africa. The southern and northern banks of the River Nile (below Murchison Falls) offer the most exhilarating challenges to enthusiastic anglers. Competitive spirits can have a try to beat the current record of 113kg for a Nile Perch or a 45kg catfish.Real concentration is required to catch some of the species here, including Tigerfish, Tilapia or even 7ft long lungfish!

Most sports-fishing in MFNP is done at the base of the falls and slightly lower downstream. World-famous anglers including Jeremy Wade (River Monsters) and Zeb Hogan (Monster Fish National Geographic) have visited Uganda, looking to snare 'the big one'.

Fishing quality varies throughout the year, however the drier months produce better results, so we recommend visiting from January – March or July – October.

Lake Victoria – True Adventure

Fishing on the lake is usually conducted around the local islands and most visitors take a 45-minute boat ride from mainland Entebbe.

There's sport-fishing on Lake Victoria all year-round, but October to March is considered the best period. This season offers anglers the opportunity to catch a Nile Perch of between anywhere from 10 - 80 kilograms.

The main angling technique used on Lake Victoria is fishing with bait. For the better angler,  there are good chances to catch Tilapia.

Sipi Falls - Challenging & Impressive.

Sport fishing takes place on the highest of the three waterfalls, offering anglers a challenge of battling with 3kg mountain trout, with their impressive coloration and renowned fighting spirit.

The Essentials In order to fish in Uganda, permits are required and can be obtained via Uganda Wildlife Authority. Using a knowledgable guide is recommended for the best experience and for your clients safety.