Living it up in Livingstone

Named after David Livingstone, the first European to set eyes on the mighty Victoria Falls in 1855, the city of Livingstone has blossomed throughout the decades into one of Africa's most vibrant and colourful cities.

From bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge to fine dining with elephants, Livingstone is the perfect add-on to any African safari.

Here are our top ways to live it up in Livingstone!

The Devil's Pool

Would you brave the Devil's Pool? Whilst not for the faint-hearted, the Devil's Pool is a must for anyone looking to see the Victoria Falls from a different angle. As you can imagine the view is completely exhilarating and can be viewed between August and January.  

The Elephant Cafe

Spend time with a family of rescued elephants and learn about their individual stories at The Elephant Cafe. Located 25 minutes upstream from the Victoria Falls, the Elephant Cafe offers an unforgettable dining experience, with some very friendly faces! Victoria Falls Waterfront can arrange this experience during your stay.

White Water Rafting

For the adrenaline junkies, White Water Rafting along the Zambezi river is the perfect activity for a more adventurous safari holiday. For those who don't fancy the ride themselves, visit Safari Par Excellence for their Rafting Festival to see teams battle it out along the Zambezi.

The Royal Livingstone Express

A vintage steam train, fine game viewing and The Victoria Falls, you couldn't name a better combination. This five hour excursion allows you to see some of Livingstone's most beautiful sights, with attentive service and fine dining.

Rhino Walk

Due to intensive conservation measures, white rhino have been re-established in the Park. Toka Leya, part of the Wilderness Safari group, can take you for a walk with these fascinating Rhinos. Quietly wander amongst the wildlife and take in the beautiful Livingstone sights.

Traditional Mokoro Canoe

Take a break from the 'hustle and bustle' of Livingstone town, with a traditional Mokoro boat ride. A "mokoro" is canoe which is made by digging out a trunk of a tree. Islands of Siankaba can take you through the hard to reach areas of the Zambezi River during sunset. The perfect end to a busy day...

Waterberry's Tukongate Community Project

In 2009, Waterberry Zambezi Lodge founded the Tukongote Community Project, with the aim to improve educational opportunities in nearby villages. Waterberry can organise a trip to their community pre-school and now first ever primary school in the area where you can witness young Zambian children progressing in their education!

Go back in time with The River Club

Jewish people have settled in Livingstone since the 19th Century, someone who has spent years researching this community is Peter Jones, co-founder of luxury lodge the River Club. Here you can learn the history and even an enjoy a Kosher Dining Experience.

Unwind & Relax at David Livingstone Safari Lodge

One of the only health and beauty spa's along the Zambezi River, unwind with a massage or spoil yourself at the David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Spa's onsite spa. Traditional massages, facials, hydrotherapy baths and plenty of other treatments are available all within view of the Zambezi river.