Mahogany Springs gives back : environmental & social responsibility.

Mahogany Springs - located alongside Uganda's Bwindi Forest (famed for it Mountain Gorillas) is committed to giving back to the community and sustainable tourism practices, therefore the lodge supports a number of projects that make a real difference.


At Mahogany Springs everyday fresh fruit and vegetables are picked from the lodge gardens and are ready to serve to guests. The Manager and Head Chef is Mahadev Subedi. Originally from Nepal joined the lodge when they first opened in April 2011. Subedi has been cooking in high end safari lodges for over 20 years. His culinary expertise knows no bounds. Subedi has the highest levels of experience in catering to all dietary requirements and food specialities from all parts of the world. Environmentally conscious the lodge firmly believe in the importance of giving back to the country and the environment., Mahogany Springs not only grow thier own produce, they also offer guests the opportunity to offset some of the carbon they have used on their trip by planting a tree or shrub within their grounds.


Mahogany Springs also supports the local community project in Bwindi, Uganda ‘Ride4aWoman’ a project setup to support women struggling with poverty, HIV and domestic violence. More than 300 women from 11 villages now use or work at the Ride 4 a Woman community centre, where they can learn to pedal sew, weave baskets, dance, sing and drum; learning new skills, making a living and making it possible for their children to gain an education. This retreat in the local community offers local women a place to stay, something to eat and a wage while they learn new skills. The headquarters for this project is based close by to Mahogany Springs and guests are able to visit if they wish. Mahogany Springs contracts Ride4aWoman to do lots of work for the property from curtains, mosquito nets, clothing, cushions, lampshades and much more.