Malawi leads the way in Animal Conservation

In one of the largest and most significant translocations in human history, African Park's conservation efforts bring the total number of elephants on the move in Malawi to 400.

These elephants have travelled 350km from Liwonde National Park and 600 km from Majete Wildlife Reserve to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. The final 100 of the historic #500Elephants will be moved in the coming weeks.

African Parks is responsible for 90% of Malawi's elephant population and protects 15,000 elephants across the continent. This translocation will continue over the next few weeks so stay tuned for more updates.

African Parks is also moving over 1,500 other animals besides elephants to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve to help repopulate the whole park. They have restocked the reserve with more than 100 buffalo and over 1,000 other game animals from Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve. Rangers in Nkhotakota have been ensuring the safety of all the animals being moved there.

The reserve had lost much of its wildlife due to poaching but it is now ready to be restocked and restored which will boost tourism and help support local communities. An enormous amount of planning and care has gone into these translocation projects – from overhauling law enforcement to make their new home safe from poachers, to ensuring the individual well being of each and every animal.

Kelly White from Malawi Tourism comments, "As well as helping to safeguard the future of these animals, developments will result in a total transformation of Malawi's wildlife and safaris. Malawi will become one of the most complete destinations in Africa - lake, landscape, culture and now wildlife experiences of the highest quality. Warm, welcoming and unspoilt, Malawi really is just waiting to be discovered". Watch footage of the historic move here on or here on ITV

All images belong to African Parks