Mauritius offers both the Honey and the Moon

The theory is simple; we want couples to experience a no-compromise honeymoon that tends to both of their wants and needs. Honey represents the pampering, the cocktails, the fine dining during sunset, whereas The Moon represents the adventure, the exploring and the embracing of the outdoors and culture. Mauritius is more than just a ‘picturesque’ honeymoon destination that offers great post-wedding photo opportunities, it offers everything that both individuals within a couple could ever want from their honeymoon.

Honey - Beautiful beaches and coastlines Without leaving the comfort of their own resort, honeymooners have unlimited access to some of the island’s most pristine beaches, right on their room doorstep. This isn’t news for those who know of Mauritius, but it’s still the ideal location for those chilled out days between adventures.

Moon - Picturesque Hiking For those couples that choose to work that little bit harder for their views, Mauritius’ rugged volcanic outcrops and steep peaks offer some of the most spectacular views, stretching far across the Indian Ocean. Take in incredible 360 degree views of the entire island from the top of ‘Le Pouce’ or venture down through tropical rainforest to Tamarind Falls, a series of seven waterfalls surrounded by green mountains and finish off with a dip in one of the natural rock pools.

Honey - Cocktails and Fine Dining One of the best ways to experience Mauritius’ vibrant culture is through its food – especially when there’s such a fusion of different cuisines. The island is known for its exceptional in-resort fine dining, colourful cocktails and unrivalled hospitality & service.

Moon Street Food and Markets Over the years, migrants from Asia, Europe and Africa have settled on the island, bringing with them authentic flavours and cooking styles of their homelands. Mauritius' street food and market scene has developed continuously over the years, providing an authentic and adventurous alternative to in-resort and restaurant dining. Port Louis, *** and *** are just some of the best markets that Mauritius has to offer.

Honey Spas, spirituality and yoga Many of Mauritius’ hotels boast fantastic spa facilities, offering honeymooners high quality treatments in settings that deliver ultimate serenity and relaxation. Many private institutes reflect the country’s cultural diversity and idyllic natural beauty, offering alternative treatments inspired by ancestral techniques, meditation and yoga sessions.

Moon - Mauritius' marine scene Mauritius is known for it's tranquil beaches and crystal clear waters, but the ocean itself is where the adventure lies. Explore beneath the surface with the truly unique experience of underwater sea walking, snorkelling or diving. For the adrenaline junkies or those who would prefer to avoid the water, set sail on a parasail/paraglide or board a seaplane or helicopter for a bird's eye view.

Honey activity - Colourful sunsets Mauritius is well known for its stunning sunsets, making it a prime location to enjoy picturesque views with a loved one. Visitors can experience the glorious sunsets of Mauritius from a variety of locations; one of the many pristine beaches, from the peak of a mountain or whilst relaxing in-resort.

Moon activity – Scenery and views Mauritius is home to Le Morne peninsula, a variety of mountains and the famous 7 Coloured Earth; a unique dune land comprising sand of seven distinct colours of the earth. Due to the religious diversity of Mauritius, the island is scattered with beautiful temples too, all of which boast unusual and intricate architecture.