Rare Ugandan Shoebill spotted in the UK.

A rare sighting at Rutland Water has caused a few wings to flap this week! Commonly found in Uganda, over 6,000 miles away, the incredible rare Shoebill was spotted on Thursday morning by Senior Reserves Officer for Rutland Water, Rebecca Pitman. Rebecca said "I couldn't believe my eyes. I first spotted the Shoebill standing stock-still in the reeds, staring at the water. It didn't seem bothered my presence at all."

It's speculated that the UK's recent warm weather may be a reason for the Shoebill's unexpected arrival, coupled with the fact that the wetlands of Rutland Water are not too dissimilar from the Shoebill's marshy home in Uganda.

Since the sighting, birdwatchers have been flocking to Rutland Water to catch a glimpse of the rare Ugandan bird, with even-more bird enthusiasts expected to arrive for Birdfair on 16th-18th August, where coincidently Uganda will be exhibiting.