The Sunken Forest of Kyambura Gorge

As you approach Kyambura Gorge, driving across the savannah of Queen Elizabeth Park, you will be surprised when seemingly out of nowhere, there is this huge opening in the savannah, a forested gorge known as the 'Valley of Apes' stretches over 16 kilometres long and is one of Uganda's Natural Wonders.

This deep and ancient forested gorge is home to a small community of chimpanzees that have been habituated, meaning they go about their daily activities freely in the presence of people.

These chimps have been isolated for 20 years after the destruction of a forest corridor that connected them to much larger woodland containing several hundred chimps. They're under the protection of the Uganda Wildlife Authority and monitored daily however due to being so excluded, chimp numbers are under threat.

Other primate species found in the gorge include Red Tailed Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Giant Forest Hogs, and Baboons. This valley is a birder's Paradise with around 332 bird species recorded in Kyambura Wildlife Reserve.

Kyambura Gorge lodge is the ideal location for tracking the lost chimps in the sunken forest of Kyambura Gorge nearby and seeing the amazing game in one of Africa's most beautiful and varied parks, centred on the waterway of the Kazinga Channel where animals come to bathe. The lodge, owned by Volcanoes Safaris, works in partnership with UWA to conserve these chimps.