Uganda insists all tour guides must be officially approved

The Government of Uganda has passed new stricter laws requiring all tour guides to be fully licensed by UTB, in order to operate.

In order to raise and maintain service standards across the industry, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) will host free sessions for guides to meet with key stakeholders and tourism officers, learning how, when and why the new standards will be implemented.  

Tour guides will be given enhanced training across all areas of the business during an intensive two week course, which will include individual assessments to determine whether they are approved to operate under the new improved standards.

Training & Professionalism All approved tour guides will be licensed for free, but will be required to clearly display their registration number and uniform badges for easy identification. The ambitious programme will train nearly 6,000 tour guides throughout Uganda and will be fully operational by 2020.

CEO of Uganda Tourist Board, Lilly Ajarova has emphasised this is the first in a number of initiative that will ensure an overall improvement in the quality of tourism in Uganda, with its 'tourist first' approach to customer service. UTB requires guides to adopt the principals of sustainable tourism in their operations, building communities and protecting the environment.