Uganda's less well-known paradise islands

Known for its amazing wildlife and famous great Apes, did you know Uganda has other hidden gems? The Ssese Islands are a lush white sand archipelago of 84 islands dotted along the northwest waters of the world's largest tropical lake, Lake Victoria.

Boasting beautiful waterfalls, large numbers of water and forest birds and home to vervet monkeys, bushbuck and black and white Colobus, the best way to enjoy the Ssese's is by water taxi or fishing boat to find your own small deserted island and chill out for the day.

A daily ferry leaves Entebbe to the main island of Buggala or motorised lake taxis serve the smaller islands making it popular as a weekend break for those living in the countries capital, Kampala. These beautiful islands are often missed off the tourist circuit making them an unspoilt gem for those that make the effort to visit.

Historically known as the islands of the gods, the larger islands are home to a number of shrines where worshippers visit to seek blessing and healing. The folklore and mystery surrounding these islands is a closely kept secret only disclosed to those few that visit the shrines themselves.

The islands are lushly forest and fringed with sandy bays and footpaths, which make for a perfect casual ramble. If you want to go further you can rent a bicycle or quad bike but whatever you chose, it's hard not to relax in this little chunk of paradise.

There are several beach lodges that are ideal to wind down at after experiencing Uganda's many wildlife highlights. Brovad Sands Lodge and the Ssese Palm Beach resort are known favourites with nightly fires where you can sit back with a tipple and watch the famous Sesse sunsets.