Unique Eco-Festival at Lake Natron, Tanzania

NATRON 100 FESTIVAL The spectacular, yet less visited landscape of Lake Natron is the home to a unique 'micro' festival – The Natron 100.  This two-night festival is a celebration of music, arts, culture and food with performances from famous African artists including The Big Sky, Sauti Sol and Maia amongst others. Natron 100 isn’t your 'ordinary' festival - instead, the experiences offered to make it a cultural experience as much as a music festival.  And with tickets limited to just 100 its an exclusive affair, which helps ensure that the festival remains boutique and has a low environmental impact.

"Two evenings of delectable beats, bands and vocals infused with days of adventure, set in the sublime location that is Lake Natron, Tanzania."

Festival goers can expect fantastic food and free flowing wine during the performances included in their ticket price, as well as waterfalls, village walks, yoga and swimming. A true celebration of nature, culture and adventure, Natron 100 is generating income for the local community through the festival and shining a spotlight on this unique and captivating part of Tanzania.  

"Set in northern Tanzania, the festival is set amidst the majestic active volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai and the eerie soda ash lake, Lake Natron"

The impact that the festival goers made by attending Natron 100 2018  helped to fund a women's clinic close to Ngare Sero airstrip, which gives women a private and safe place to be seen by the fly-in doctors. So by attending this festival, not only do you have an incredible time, you are also helping the local community and part of a very unique eco festival. Natron 100 is run by Ake Lindstrom, owner of Lake Natron Camp.  This luxury tented camp sits close to the lake's edge. Festival goers can extend their stay and take part in one of the many activities on offer – from Rift Valley treks to Masaai homestead visits. Keep your eye out for more information on Natron 100 2019 via the festival's website