Visit Uganda's unique Ziwa Sanctuary to see rhinos up close.

A visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is unique because it is the only place in Uganda where you can see rhinos in the wild.

Following a short safety briefing, specialist guides lead you through the bush, along trails used by rhinos themselves to find them in their natural habitat. During the walk, visitors are shown any of the signs that rhinos have left such as footprints, mud wallows, middens (dung heaps) and scrapes. On reaching the target rhino group, guides move the visitors to the best places for photographs and explain rhino behaviour. On the walk back, visitors are shown other points of interest such as medicinal plants, landmark trees, aardvark holes and termite mounds along with other wildlife and birds found in the area.

For those that want to find out more about the wildlife and birds in the Sanctuary, an overnight stay is essential. In the heart of rhino territory, surrounded by bush and woodland, a haven for birds, is the mid-range Amuka Safari Lodge. Comfortable rooms, good food and friendly staff make for a memorable stay. There is even a plunge pool to cool off in. For the budget conscious, there is also a camping option near the HQ.

Guests staying overnight can book the rewarding 'Shoebill and Canoe ride' at the Lugogo Swamp with an 80% chance of seeing one or more of the rare shoebill stork and a variety of waterbirds, all explained by specialist bird guides. But if dry land is preferred, the diversity of the fauna and flora can be explored on one of the guided nature walk trails.

To many the most exciting activity offered is the night walk where the sounds and often the sights of Uganda's nocturnal wildlife can be experienced. Whether it is a leopard, an aardvark, a pangolin, a genet cat or even a wandering rhino, experiencing wildlife at night sets the heart racing.

Whatever the activity, visitors are making an important contribution to the rhino re-introduction project of Rhino Fund Uganda. It is through payment for these activities that funds are raised to run the sanctuary and employ the staff to keep the rhinos safe.