Watch the Sun set in the African bush & see it rise across the Indian Ocean

Hodi Hodi, who offer stylish boutique villas in Zanzibar are now set to open a delightful camp in Ruaha. Incredibly, they have already begun to help the local community, even before their new property is complete.

Scheduled to open in September 2019, Hodi Hodi Bush Camp gives access to one of Africa’s most remote safari areas, on the edge of a ridge overlooking the park. Bringing a community focused approach to the unexplored Ruaha region that is deep-rooted in the camp's philosophy. As a socially, culturally and environmentally responsible company, they adhere to international sustainable tourism standards.

The camp is situated within 100 acres of endless terrain close to the farming village community of Makifu, 10 kilometres away behind the mountain backdrop. Since securing the camps location the family owners have been focused on improving the lives of the villages nearby, before the camp has even opened.

They have already helped to build a new secondary school and have raised money in the UK and across Tanzania to build a house for the village doctor, assisting the local clinic wherever possible. All staff that have been helping to build the camp are all based in the nearby communities including the HeHe tribe and the Masaai. So far, four rooms have been fully thatched with the others set to be roofed over the next coming months ready to be opened in September 2019.

‘We care about you, other people and the planet, which is why where possible we buy locally, reduce waste and recycle, we employ our staff and suppliers from nearby villages and we encourage guests to bring supplies for our local primary schools.’ – Julia Bishop, Owner

Once the camp has opened there is an arrangement with the Makifu village to contribute $5.00 per person per night towards local education and medical costs. The whole concept is that guests leave Hodi Hodi feeling like they haven’t just enjoyed their safari experience but have also made a real difference to the local community.

Another interesting approach is the ‘honesty bar’ that will allow guests to write down the drinks they have consumed during their stay and only pay for those they declare; the idea is that guests and the owners build a level of trust and moral grounding. The remoteness of Ruaha is undeniable with less than 20,000 visitors a year and being 40% bigger than the Serengeti, it is extremely unlikely that guests will find any other game vehicle during their entire trip. With Ruaha named as one of the best places to visit in the world by National Geographic, its a region just waiting to be explored and admired.

Hodi Hodi already have three private boutique villas in Zanzibar and have worked closely with the fishing village community of Kilima Juu, which is just 500 metres along the beach, since they began. They have supported the local community by offering paid work in variety of roles and over the last 4 years built a madrassa nursery school from scratch, 2 classrooms for the junior school and supplied all the plumbing equipment for the local senior school.

Showcasing their dedication to community support and passion for a sustainable future, once Hodi Hodi Bush Camp in Ruaha has opened you will be able to request a tailormade combined package for the most perfect safari and beach escape.