Why don’t you take your guests to see the Aardvarks?

That innocent question has gone on to create an entirely new and highly rewarding experience for clients staying at Konkamoya Lodge in southern Kafue.

A newly appointed waiter, Albert, recently asked the lodge’s co-owner, Italian-born Andrea Porro, why he didn’t allow his clients to see one of Africa’s most elusive mammals. Andrea’s response was instinctive, “because we have no idea where the aardvarks are going to be!”

Albert was equally quick to respond, “well since I was a small naughty boy, we headed up to the top of that ridge and we used to see an aardvark almost every night!”

Andrea could barely believe what he was hearing, but was committed to joining Albert in the night in search of these amazing creatures. Sure enough, just after midnight, Andrea gasped as a piggy like shape emerged from his hidden abode to amble off into moonlight.

Soon after, Konkamoya launched its late night walks in search of aardvarks. Leaving camp after midnight, guests wrapped up warm (dependent upon the season, of course) and with torches in hand, they head for the ‘secret’ location. Incredibly, these walks have delivered aardvark sightings more often than not.

As Andrea explained, “I am almost happy that there is no guarantee, but we do regularly see aardvarks. We have identified a number of different individuals in the area, too. So, we are not even seeing the same one over and over.

For more information on Konkamoya Lodge, please see www.konkamoya.com or speak to Rich Whiston at kamageo on 01664 823750