Why is 'Safari' a printed magazine?

In an age when most of our reading is done digitally, why does Kamageo invest so much time, effort and cost into distributing a printed version of 'Safari' magazine was well as making it available online via Issu?


How many other things do you receive in the post? We know it’s becoming less and less. So hopefully we do brighten your day just a little, with the arrival of our informative and entertaining Africa-focused magazine. We feel the content will aid in selling our destinations and encourage debate.


How many trade emails do you receive each and every day? Twenty, fifty…a hundred? We want to truly stand out from the crowd so a ‘hardcopy’ allows us to be different. Emails give us just half a dozen words in the subject line to encourage you to open it. Meanwhile, everyone knows that "pictures paint a thousand words" so a double page spread in the magazine is far more likely to be attention grabbing.


We also want to provide you with a great source of content for your blogs, social media and news pages. So feel free to request any content you like the look of and we’ll send it in your chosen format (using new fangled technology like email!)


You can even enquire about re-branding the magazine with your logo on the cover and with your unique intro. We’d remove all content that isn’t relevant to your customer base, of course. For a mere fraction of the cost of producing a magazine, you can have your own consumer publication. Minimum print run, just 100 copies. Do request information from tim@kamageo.com


We ensure our publication is printed only on paper harvested from sustainable commercial forests, which surprisingly is far better than using recycled stock, where uses chemicals to clean the paper.

And when has Kamageo ever played by anyone else's rules? We trust that you enjoy it...and look forward to your feedback.


By Mandy Henshall, Editor-in-Chief of 'Safari' Magazine, the UK's only publication dedicated to Africa specialist tour operators. mandy@kamageo.com