Yoga alongside Zambia's Kafue River

Recharge your body and soul at KaingU Safari Lodge's Yoga Retreat. Start your day with sunrise yoga held on KaingU’s dedicated yoga island and finish the day watching the sun set over the Kafue on Mpamba Rock.

Yogi, Clare Sullivan will take you through evolving poses and breathing exercises, bringing harmony to mind and body. The retreat will feature a range of yoga styles adapted to the preferences and needs of the intimate group. This may include Hatha, the more traditional yoga practice; and yin, a more gentle form that provides deep stretching with poses held for several minutes.

The programme is a perfect way to improve strength and flexibility while immersed in the tranquil natural beauty of the Kafue River. With its myriads of river channels and islands, KaingU makes the perfect setting for a weekend yoga retreat.

Dates: 16th-18th March 2018 Duration: 2 nights Location: KaingU Safari Lodge, Kafue National Park Includes: Nutritious meals and snacks, a guided nature walk, a boat cruise, and 4 yoga sessions with Clare on top of Mpamba Rock, on KaingU’s dedicated yoga island, and on the deck overlooking the river. To Book: /