Zambia's Emerald Season

It’s that time of year again; the heavens open and the much awaited rain descends on Zambia, transforming the once dry plains into an oasis of lush green vegetation, and for many, now is the time to visit.

Historically, most wildlife enthusiasts visit Zambia during the drier months (May-Oct) when the dwindling water supply draws the game to the rivers, with the scorched earth leaving far less bush to hide from predators. But for those in the know, the green season offers an entirely different safari experience. The rains – often present for just a few short hours in the morning – clear to leave a new world of lush vegetation, intense colours and vibrant skies…along with a host of migratory bird species and newly-born antelopes.

'ALL WEATHER ACCESS' IN SOUTH LUANGWA Due to their ‘all weather access’ airstrip and good roads leading to their camps, The Bushcamp Company are the only bush camps open during peak rains. The ‘nature lovers’ paradise Bilimungwe Bushcamp is open until 28th December and both river camps Kapamba Bushcamp and Zunguila Bushcamp are now open until 6th January 2018. All usual activities are on offer including game drives, night drives and walking safaris offering great opportunities to spot packs of wild dogs and the Afrotropical Africa Pitta. Mfuwe Lodge is open and as usual at this time of year their famous elephant regulars are wandering through the lobby to indulge on the wild mango trees.

LOWER ZAMBEZI'S SECRET SEASON Royal Zambezi Lodge is the only lodge in the Lower Zambezi open all year round meaning guests quite literally have the entire park to themselves for, what they have dubbed, the ‘Secret Season’ (Dec-Mar). Due to it being the quietest time of year in terms of visitor numbers means you will often have sightings to yourself – only enhancing the wilderness experience that Lower Zambezi offers. It’s location on the Zambezi River and the merging of land and water lends itself to an array of activities such as fishing, river safaris and canoeing safaris.

KAFUE EMERALD SEASON Set upon small islands amongst narrow channels of the Kafue River, KaingU Safari Lodge offers true unspoilt Africa especially now in the Emerald season when the surrounding waters rise, swamping over the once visible rocks and changing the landscape entirely. Water activities including boating, canoeing and fishing are a must during this season to experience the high waters as the land greens up beautifully. Closing from 1st January 2018, reopening the following March.