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Zanzibar, fit for a queen.

When you think of Zanzibar you think of a tropical paradise with endless beaches on the Indian Ocean coastline, the powdery white sand, shallow turquoise waters and a cooling breeze between the palm trees. The gentle warmth of the sun and that alluring feeling of calmness. The brilliant greenery of the vegetation that houses diverse species of flora and fauna and the indulgent scents of spices and fresh fruits that send you back to a bygone era. Not to mention the birthplace of the legend that is Freddie Mercury.

STEP BACK IN TIME N STONE TOWN Be transported back 200 years whilst wandering the enticing streets of Zanzibar Zanzibar is an exquisite jewel fit for any queen and the birthplace of the great Freddie Mercury. With far more to offer than its beautiful beaches, wandering the narrow winding streets of Stone Town Zanzibar’s capital with its rich historical and cultural significance, dating back for hundreds of years its original ancient charm isn’t spoken about enough.

"Time seems to have stood still with little changed in 200 years with visitors transported back to an alluring historic era. The enchantment of the towns bustling bazaars whereby you can buy an array of gifts from colourful textiles to artwork, jewellery, fresh fruit and seafood. "

BE STUNNED BY THE ARCHITECTURE AT PALACE MUSEUM Be mesmorised by this 19th Century gem and its sheer history Awe inspiring architecture, crumbling palaces and ruins, the palace museum is known as one of the most historic buildings in the town is a must see for any guest this 19th century home for Sultan and his family offers a glimpse of the relics and history behind the Sultan family, VISIT WHERE THE LEGEND HIMSELF ONCE LIVED Be inspired by the legend himself, Freddie Mercury You can stand outside Mercury House the exact building where Freddie Mercury was born and raised in Stone Town. The information board allows you to find out a little more about the legend's life and although you cannot go inside the building provides a great experience. The Zanzibar Collection offers a trip to experience the islands culture and history alongside learning more about Freddie Mercury himself. Highlights include a visit to Stone Town & Spice Island. "We literally walk down memory lane as we explore the historic UNESCO World Heritage streets of Stone Town, Zanzibar; where Freddie was born and lived until the age of 8 years when he left to school in India. After finishing school, he returned to Zanzibar and the family later migrated to UK when Freddie was 18 years old." To find out more about this tour you can visit The Zanzibar Collection.

A MELTING POT OF CULTURE & COLONIAL HISTORY Be absorbed by the mix of fascinating cultures and architecture As you are captivated by the mix of cultures and amazing atmosphere, a visit to the oldest building in Stone Town; the Old Fort built in the 17th century is a must! This Arab fort was build to defend the island from the Portuguese. There is also the Old Dispensary; an intricately decorated building withwooden carved balconies & stained glass decorations, of Indian influence. The inside of the building is just as detailed, with a covered courtyard and carved bridges connecting the floors. The Zanzibar Collection offers some of this cultural diversity in their four stunning, luxury hotels and resorts combining Arabic, Indian & Swahili design, inspired by the magic of Zanzibar and located on some of the best beaches in the world on the South East Coast. The collection has won a range of awards and accolades for its service, atmosphere and amenities. The Collection’s diving centre, Rising Sun, is East Africa’s only National Geographic affiliated PADI 5-star Dive Centre. Along with outstanding spa facilities, The Zanzibar Collection offers a great balance of action and relaxation.

ENTICE AND INSPIRE YOUR SENSES ON A SPICE TOUR Be educated on a sensory spice tour

Perfectly placed on the famous ‘Silk Road,’ a visit to Zanzibar is not complete without visiting a spice plantation; its nickname spice island comes from the sights, smells and tastes all grown in Zanzibar. Spices such as vanilla, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon as well as many others, used for cooking or in. Rituals and traditional medicines. The spices were originally introduced by Portuguese traders in the 16th century brought over from India and South America.  The tour allows you an insight into local life including, how they are grown and cultivated.

ESCAPE TO PRISON ISLAND Be detained at on a deserted island and see its biggest and oldest residents Once the site for slaves detained on the island just off Stone Town, Prison Island also served as a place of quarantine. The prison building still stands, however it is now fringed with fabulous coral reefs that are now home to giant tortoises, a gift from the British governor of the Seychelles in the late 19th century. Some of the oldest are over 150 years old and the average weight is 200kg. Whilst visiting you can observe them creeping around slowly munching on nearby greenery. Beside the tortoises you can see peacocks, butterflies and even snorkel around the bay. This dichotomy of the island’s dark past symbolised by the prison building surrounded by the beauty of nature and sea-life is a spectacle that has to be experienced. On the northern area of Zanzibar Kilima Juu Pwani you can stay at Hodi Hodi and have a choice between three private boutique villas, sleeping between six to eight people. Each has their own private rooftop sun terrace and lounge suitable for larger families.

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