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Rachel Knibbs

Marketing & PR Manager


Rachel​​ joined Kamageo to work on a range of African destinations. She is a big fan of animals, having grown up with a house full of pets and working with livestock. At 25, wanderlust kicked in for Rachel, causing her to leave the UK to travel in the Far East for the next year and a half, taking in lengthy stays in Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.


Returning to the UK a self-confessed 'new person', her interests in environmental preservation and conservation had grown significantly. When combined with her love of wildlife, she realised tourism marketing was for her. As Africa had always been on her travel hitlist, it seems the perfect option. So combining all of her interests, her role at Kamageo seems ideal!


Before joining the team, Rachel achieved a BA(Hons) in Marketing (with Tourism) and worked within NAPIT Tourism, spending her time on general marketing, PR and events management.  Prior to that, she spent a successful period with The Press Association, igniting her interests in PR.

Favourite Animal : Elephant
Favourite Bird : Malechite Kingfisher
Best Wildlife Encounter : Seeing wild Kangaroos and Koalas (come on, Africa!)
Best Community Experience : Meeting Maoris in New Zealand (come on, Africa again!)

Most recent Africa trips : Not been yet, but cannot wait.
Most wants to see : Cheetahs and Lions
Most wants to visit : Uganda and Zambia for the wildlife and West Africa for the culture.

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