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Ryan Tyler

Marketing & PR Executive

As well as take a leading role on our Malawi and Eswatini accounts, Ryan helps to manage our industry leading resources websites. He also provides frequent updates to our much visited destination websites.


With a degree in Media Technology, as well as a foundation degree in Digital Video & Broadcast Production, Ryan has added a new dimension to Kamageo's output. His drone photography is a particularly successful series of projects. Following a lengthy stint travelling and volunteering in Uganda, Ryan first worked as a graphic designer and then in sales in the entertainment business.


Ryan joined the Kamageo team early in 2016, developing our resources websites, designing our larger brochures and maintaining some of our line presence. Ryan got married towards the end of 2017..and honeymooned in, yes you guessed it - Malawi! 

Favourite Animal : Lion
Favourite Bird : Beaudouin’s snake-eagle
Best Wildlife Encounter : Surrounded by 7 Giraffes upclose in the middle of a silent Mkhaya Game Reserve in Swaziland.
Best Cultural Experience : Teaching english to children at a school in Uganda.

Most recent Africa trips : An extensive tour of Swaziland and honeymooning in Malawi
Most wants to see : Leopard
Most wants to visit : Malawi for the Game Reserves & Culture, Uganda (again) for Gorillas.

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