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Having run eight successful UK roadshows in 2019 and 2020, Kamageo is expanding its schedule to have six events across three months in early 2020.


Kamageo will be offering country dedicated sessions for 10 different African countries - Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius. All sessions will adhere to Safari Roadshows tried and tested format, which has proven so successful since its introduction in 2010.


Chief Executive, Tim Henshall explained “We are concerned that the previously popular bug trade events like Indaba, WTM, ITB, We Are Africa and experience Africa May have lost some of their appeal, due to the high numbers of attendees.


Kamageo’s events can still deliver 30+ appointments for exhibitors but there will never be more than 25 people together at any one time. Safari Roadshow can deliver comprehensive social distancing measures, provide PPE and Perspex dividers. Exhibitors will be Covid tested pre-event, with daily temperature monitoring for all participants.


Henshall referred to “Zoom Gloom” - his name for a boredom of virtual meetings, which are certainly effective but just don’t have the personal feel that business meetings sometimes need.


All Safari Roadshows will visit will Manchester, The Cotswolds and London, over 4 days, with full-day events (featuring two dedicated country sessions) every three weeks. “We fully recognise that we’re asking tour operators to potential give up 6 days over 16 week period, but that will provide them with almost 100 high quality product presentations across 10 countries. We also don’t anticipate many buyers attending ITB, WTM or that time might be available”, highlighted Henshall. 


Exhibitors numbers are likely to be limited to just 8 per session. Participation costs have been trimmed back and include an all-inclusive package of exhibiting; branding; accommodation, sustinence and transfers between venues. As Resources Manager, Sharon Smith highlighted “All exhibitors need to bring is a presentation and plenty of enthusiasm. We provide the rest!”


w/c 8th February 2021 - Zambia 1 (AM) /Namibia (PM)

w/c 1st March 2021 - South Africa (AM) / Mauritius (PM)

w/c  15th March 2021 - Tanzania 1 (AM) / Uganda(PM)

w/c 29th March 2021 - Botswana (AM) / Zimbabwe (PM)

w/c 12th April 2021 - Tanzania 2 (AM) / Kenya (PM)

w/c 26th April 2021 - Malawi (AM) / Zambia 2 (PM)

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