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Kamageo plays a dominant role at WTM's BorderlessLIVE Influencers event.

WTM's inaugural influencers' event, Borderless Livelaunched on 6th - 7th September 2019 at London's Tobacco Dock, attracting a large audience of quality online content creators and digital influencers.

​Kamageo's two stands - one promoting the African mainland, the other dedicated to the island of Mauritius - were described by the organisers (Reed), as being "the stars of the show". Despite having seven staff across the two stands at times, including representatives of Beachcomber Hotels & Resorts and Sun Resorts, influencers were still seen queuing for the opportunity to meet with the team. as WTM Portfolio Director, Claude Blanc joked "I tried to get onto your stand for hours...but every time I came around, you were three deep with people!"

Kamageo was the sole representative for Africa & Indian Ocean, promoting Mauritius, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Eswatini, Sierra Leone and The Gambia (plus individual lodges and operators in a further three Africa countries). Kamageo was keen to add contacts for a variety of different influencers - as Chief Executive, Tim Henshall explained, "Take Mauritius, for example, where we're keener on those with larger followings, who project the luxury, sophistication and style of the island experience. Where as for destinations like Sierra Leone, we're more interested in independent types, travel pioneers and adventure-driven travellers who rworry less about the accommodation and more about the experiences. Their followings are often far smaller but very engaged. So you cannot judge a book simply by its cover".

Kamageo also sought a mix of different Instagrammers, bloggers and YouTubers. For us, we look beyond their followings and their own audiences. We're also keen to look at what other deliverables can be included, such as video content and imagery.

As a result of the two-day event, Kamageo has added more than 250 quality contacts to an already impressive database. Rich Whiston, Head of Consumer Marketing stated "Our influencer programme, covering all of our destinations is set to increase in 2020, but to ensure maximise ROI, we're developing a blend of activities. 

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