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Having researched the views of various Africa specialist tour operators, travel writers and tourist board personnel, Kamageo is set to launch a series of vibrant new events, entitled "Sundowners with..."

Each fairly informal event will be held at a Central London High Commission or Embassy, hosted by the relevant High Commissioner or Ambassador. Starting at around 6pm, our round-table style forums will encourage lively discussions and debates on issues relevant to the specific destination and (time permitting) on generic issues in the industry. Ahead of time, the various topics for discussion at each event will be circulated, but participants will also be encouraged to submit further items to be included on the night.

Kamageo's Tourism Director, Kelly White explained, "These events provide the opportunity for UK tour operators and travel writers to hear about developments direct from the horse's mouth, whilst also airing their own issues, needs and suggestions regarding improving tourism to these specific destinations".

With high-ranking diplomats attending, this ensures that your views reach the right ears, as well as us being able to provide you with official news and opinion. Events are currently being planned with Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.


The events are designed to allow for participation by all attendees, so will be limited to just 10-15 individuals. 

Contact to be added to our "Sundowners with..." invitee list.

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