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Tourism Development : helping you prepare for the market


Either in-house, or via our network of associates, Kamageo is able to oversee various aspects of your tourism product development, to help ensure you have the right product to take to identified potential source markets. Put simply, we'll help prepare you to get the best return on your investment.


Research & assessment : We can complete either desk research or field research to appraise your existing tourism infrastructure, commenting on everything from the quality of experiences; how to maximise tourism revenues; the standards of available accommodation; transport logistics etc

Recommendations for development : Kamageo can provide comprehensive proposals for how your tourism product of the future might look and how to go about achieving those goals.

Training the private sector : Kamageo is able to provide basic or advanced sales and marketing training to property owners, ground operators and DMCs to ensure they understand selection criteria and have the necessary skills to attract international travel trade buyers to use their services, maximising the opportunities created by tourist board promotions.


And much more....just ask.


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