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Stylish new TV advertising created for Uganda


Kamageo has created a series of epic 30" second TV commercials to encourage tourists to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.  The new campaign - "This is My Uganda" - captures the seemingly every-day lives of local Ugandans before they deliver unique and hugely memorable experiences to visitors from around the world.


Four films form the first phase of the campaign, entitled "Bwindi Gorilla Guide", "Mbarara Herdsman", "Mbamba Birding Guide" and "Kibale Wildlife Ranger". 


Each charts an individual's story which culminates in tourists enjoying awe-inspiring encounters with wild chimpanzees, a herd of Ankole cattle, a shoebill (stork) or a family of mountain gorillas. The films all end with the local Ugandan explaining that "This is my Uganda", with the viewer encouraged to "Discover Your Uganda”.


Written by Kamageo’s Tim Henshall and directed by award-winning film-maker, Daniel Wildey, the stylish ads were shot entirely on location in Uganda during January 2020 and were planned to be on UK screens later this year. 

Director, Daniel Wildey explained "I was inspired to make these films by the passionate way in which Tim described each 

experience in such emotional detail. I felt I'd been transported to Uganda by his words, so I wanted to visually capture those same experiences and feelings on film".

(c) 2020 Kamageo

(c) 2020 Kamageo



Rich Whiston,  Head of Consumer at Kamageo explained, "They're for a high-impact TV-campaign, which in the digital age might surprise some people. But we are targeting specific consumer segments whom, whilst web-savvy, place a value on personal contact with their travel specialist, the feel of printed brochures and still gain inspiration from TV commercials.  They are also the very same people who have the desire, time and funds to travel to destinations like Uganda.”


Whilst TV will be the main thrust, Whiston confirmed that digital, social and print ads would form part of the campaign. "We wanted to show how proud Ugandans are of their country and the array of amazing things you can do when there".

(c) 2020 Kamageo

(c) 2020 Kamageo

Kamageo has put the finished films through consumer research in the UK, with hugely encouraging results. Positive feedback has included how the ads raised awareness of Uganda's unique travel experiences and the amazing opportunities the destination offers.


Questions were asked about the uniforms but viewers recognised that they were national park guides not soldiers. The voice-overs also caused discussion, with the occasional word difficult to make out, due to their strong accents. But all viewers agreed that this only added to the authenticity of the films and should not be dubbed by an actor.


After the first burst of TV activity, Kamageo plans to return to Uganda to shoot more films, with 8 more ads already at the development stage.


It is hoped that "Ruwenzori Trekker", "Kampala street-food seller", "Whitewater Rafter", "Queens' Balloon Pilot", "Khasinga Boatman", Kidepo Tribesman", "Sipi Falls Guide" and "Ba'aka Man of the Forest" will eventually complete the series, illustrating the breadth of activities on offer in Uganda.

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