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Zambia Digital/TV commercial

Client : Zambia Tourism Authority  Campaign : Everyone Falls For Zambia  Project : TV & Digital campaign

Date : 17th June 2021  Concept : Tim Henshall and Rich Whiston Copywriter : Tim Henshall

Get close to Africa’s wildlife, running wild and free;

Whilst protecting and conserving for future generations to see.

Safari by vehicle and on foot with expert local guides;

Or simply sit waiting inside perfectly placed hides.

Experience their bright colours, their markings; their footprints; their calls;

And then lose your breath at the beauty of Victoria Falls.

Everyone Falls for Zambia



This video is strictly for demonstration purposes only and must not enter the public domain. 

Numerous copyrights exist on the footage and music contained in this draft, which is yet to be approved.

Do NOT copy or share this video.

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