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Employee of the Month

Each month, Kamageo recognises the outstanding performance of one member of our team. We’re always looking for work that’s truly worthy of note - not just your average 9-5 expected stuff, we need something beyond the call of duty, so a brilliant idea or an amazing contribution. Something that makes them stand out from the crowd…and remember they are part of a very talented and high performing team already!


After a month with everyone busy preparing for our annual Safari Roadshows, the entire team has performed incredibly. But the star performer was Dan Allcoat, Creative Marketing Executive, who produced an outstanding set of printed marketing materials for the event.

Winner : Daniel Allcoat for Safari Roadshow materials



This month saw an all round good performance from the team, with real progress made especially by the Mauritius team, who have instigated a whole series of exciting initiatives. Our award this month goes to the creator of Zambia Tourism’s new UK website and Kamageo’s new KAT website, which will provide the organisation with an exciting new training platform. 

Winner : Ryan Tyler for Zambia and KAT websites



There was no let up in our work efforts in the run up to Christmas, with the team fully committed to preparing for the host of events that we attend in the early part of the New Year. Our winner this month takes the plaudits for seizing the initiate to ensure success at Destinations and the Safari Roadshow. 

Winner : Rich Whiston for Forward Planning


With the early part of the month dominated by WTM, it’s difficult not to reward our winner for their part in implementation of the event. Nadia, Izzie, Rachel and Charlotte all performed really well, but it was the surprising contribution by ‘newbie’, Ella Brighty that takes the plaudits, in only her 2nd week in the job and the quality of the follow up, post-event.

Winner : Ella Brighty for WTM meetings


Our October winner was awarded not only for what they did do, but also for what they didn’t do! Charlotte Cobley successfully managed the media briefings held at WTM, creating the packs and presentations for all participating countries. She also contributed well to the overall smooth running of our presence at WTM. But at the same time, Charlotte cancelled her participation in an eagerly awaiting Africa media trip, as she felt her colleagues needed support in the run up to the show. 

Winner : Charlotte Cobley for WTM Contributions


This month saw new faces coming to the fore. Charlotte Cobley and Rachel Knibbs were noteworthy for their planning work for the Safari Media Show. But for the first time ever, we have a winner for 2 months running.

Winner : Izzie Ludbrook for Mauritius events


With the expert assistance of our Head of Consumer Marketing and newly appointed Rachel Knibbs, top prize for August has to go to Izzie Ludbrook for her planning and initial implementation for Mauritius tourism, including a hugely successful Borderless Live event. Winner : Izzie Ludbrook for Mauritius planning.

JULY 2019

After a whirlwind summer, where many of the Kamageo team pulled out all the stops, Rich’s working organising McFly’s Dougie and his social-media friendly trip to Kafue (Zambia)was very good, but This month's winner is Paul Doig, for opening new doors and selling his portfolio in to previous reluctant tour operators. Winner : Paul Doig for Business Development.

JUNE 2019

June flew by, with so many projects underway. Paul's representation skills proved highly influential, whilst Nadia's Uganda planning was very good. Tracey's work in our finance department often goes unmentioned but her skills have proved so vital across this last (and very successful) year. But the award goes to someone who has pulled a huge project together, ready for publication. 

Winner : Dessie Mahase for Marifa 

MAY 2019

This year's May was not as hectic as usual, due to the decision not to attend either WTM Africa or Indaba for the first time in over a decade. Izzie developed a fabulous creative platform for our first Zimbabwe campaign, whilst Rich's 'End of Year' Zambia report highlighted the amazing quantity and quality of work we have completed in the preceding 12 months. His plan for 19/20 is also outstanding. Winner : Rich Whiston for Zambia.

APRIL 2019

This month flew by and there were some great performances by the team as ever. Recruitment for our Trade Fams trips by Kristina Harlow takes the top prizes though, as we will be coordinating educationals for so many UK operators to various parts of Tanzania, not just the well-established northern circuit. Winner : Kristina Harlow for Fam trip recruitment

MARCH 2019

Having just completed consumer shows and week-long trade shows, you might have expected March to have bee a bit quieter. But far from it. Rich Whiston's Zambia video (featuring members of ZMG) was great, whilst Anisha Parmar's completely new PR strategy is excellent. But it is Ryan Tyler's tireless efforts to complete a major online project - the new destination website for Malawi which wins this month's award. Winner : Ryan Tyler for Malawi website


Preparations for The Safari Roadshow saw the entire team contributing really well to ensure an outstanding series of events across the UK. Izzie did a sterling job on design (in addition to her Zambia responsibilities), Rich coordinated a huge number of print items, Nadia and Paul tirelessly recruited attendees, whilst Kristina worked well on maximising Tanzania's presence at their first UK consumer show for many years. But it was the organisation of the 'mega-event' with 40 exhibitors transported across the country that saw Tracey crowned as employee of the month.  Winner : Tracey Sutton for Safari Roadshow



A vibrant start to the year for team Kamageo, with the build up to Safari Roadshow, along with the various consumer travel shows, keeping us more than busy. But it was a media event that delivered the winning performance. Sierra Leone's media event attracted an amazing response, with over 20 freelance journalists requesting a trip to this emerging destination. Anisha Parmar (ably assisted by new side-kick, Emma) delivered a great event, great follow-up and a great media trip participants list

Winner : Anisha Parmar for Sierra Leone media event


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