Starting in May 2016, Kamageo launched Uganda Tourism Board's first ever marketing campaign to raise visitor numbers from the UK. Features include trade fam trips, numerous media trips, a TV-sponsorship deal and a PR-stunt using a life-like animatronic gorilla. In year one, we generated over £2.6 million worth of press coverage and encouraged an extra 23 UK tour operators to offer Uganda.

  • Impactful new advertising campaign

  • Major TV Sponsorship with NatGeo Wild

  • 6.4 m social media engagements (4 movies x 1 m + views)

  • 32 new UK tour operators added Uganda for 2017 (up 28%)

  • 16 UK tour operators visited Uganda for the first time

  • £ 3,800,000 of editorial coverage for Uganda (target £1.2m)

  • 15 journalists inspired to visit Uganda in one year.

  • Rough Guide 'discovers' Uganda and gives it a prize!

  • Exhibited at 4 main consumer travel shows in the UK

  • Animatronic Ugandan gorilla features on TV and at events

  • Special edition guidebook produced

  • New TV ad campaign in 2020

Superb new 2-minute destination film created

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Ugandan Gorilla featured on live TV shows

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£3.8m of editorial generated in 12 months

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Month-long TV sponsorship of NatGeoWild

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An extra 33 UK tour operators now sell Uganda

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6.4 million social media engagements in one year

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16 UK tour operators did first fam trip to Uganda

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Impactful new press ad campaign

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Comprehensive trade website

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