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Calculated using industry data, Kamageo has been responsible for inspiring over £5,250,000 worth of positive editorial coverage in UK media in 2016-17.


We've seen positive editorial about our partners in 50+ national titles; 70 regional publications; 30+ radio stations and on the 3 biggest TV channels. We believe that makes us the No.1 agency in the UK for generating Africa tourism coverage.


We organise around 30 media trips to Africa, each year. In the media shown below, we've been responsible for organising tailormade or group media trips during 2016-18 to various parts of Africa. 


More often than not, we've also provided the spark of the editorial idea or unique story angle and that's resulted in numerous major features and articles published in recent times, with plenty more to come.

We produce stylish and informative press packs for each of our destinations, designed to inspire travel writers and content generators with news angles and story ideas. See more >>>


Media Trips :

We can recruit top journalists to visit your destination, coordinating their trips. We will provide them with vibrant story angles and ideas and we always insist on formal contracts to guarantee editorial coverage when the trip is complete. We are also frequently able to negotiate discounted airline rates and secure sponsorship for trips from relevant UK tour operators.

Media Event

We host our own event -The Safari Media Show >>>

Media Feedback

Read what key journalists have to say>>>

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